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1010data offers a complete suite of products for big data discovery and data sharing for both business and technical users. Companies look to 1010data to help them become data-driven enterprises.

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  • 1010data Big Data Discovery

    By unifying data and analytics on its platform, 1010data completely changes the analytic process – now even business users can perform analysis on data in the same place...

  • 1010data Analytical Platform as a Service (APaaS)

    In the past, if you wanted to deliver to your business teams the competitive advantage offered by a cutting-edge analytics solution, you had to become an expert in ETL, data...

  • 1010data Advanced Analytics

    The 1010data platform includes a powerful array of advanced, built-in analytic functions including: Statistics (distribution analysis, correlation, variance), Predictive modeling and forecasting (linear and multivariate regression, logistic regression) Machine learning ...

  • 1010data Data Sharing & Monetization

    Your enterprise data is a unique and valuable asset. That’s why you invest in solutions like 1010data to better understand it and use it to the benefit of...

  • 1010data Industry-Specific Applications

    1010data helps you make smarter, faster business decisions.   Gain insight from your own enterprise data as well third party data mash-ups to inform entirely new strategies. Our platform...