1010data Big Data Discovery

By unifying data and analytics on its platform, 1010data completely changes the analytic process – now even business users can perform analysis on data in the same place as it is stored.  Use more information to make better business decisions.

  • You don’t have to have to wait hours while data is moved from one place to another, or weeks struggling to get data into the right format on the right system.
  • You can supply insight on demand
  • You can quickly respond to changes in the marketplace.

The unique analytic capability of 1010data is manifested in several ways, including,

  • The ability to ask and answer any question
  • Open access to all detailed data
  • A powerful array of built-in analytic functions
  • Performance second to none
  • Easy data mash-ups

When using the 1010data platform, you have immediate, direct, unfettered access to all relevant data, even voluminous, granular, raw data. The Trillion-Row Spreadsheet℠ and our other interfaces make it easy to leverage this data to get the insights you need. Now.

NYSE demo from 1010data on Vimeo.

Big Data Discovery vs. Traditional Data Analysis

Data analysis and operational reporting are typically done using a data warehouse.  There are many problems implementing a traditional enterpirse data warehouses including the fact they are highly technical, complicated, expensive and risky.  Once implemented, use of the data within a traditional data warehouse is severely restricted and inflexible.

Big data discovery is different. Anyone in an organization that has a need to see and analyze data can have ready access to it. It doesn’t matter how much data they need or what type of analysis they'd like to do, 1010data’s platform can be implemented on the Cloud so it can be accessed from anywhere in the world, by anyone (with the proper authentication). Coupled with our proprietary Trillion-Row Spreadsheetsm interface, any user, anywhere can do any analysis they need to do.

Data Mashups

Data discovery requires the ability to integrate and analyze multiple, disparate data sets, on the fly. With 1010data, data mashups are simple. The platform is so flexible that you can easily joins two tables based on the values in one or more joining columns, even if there is no predefined relational model between the tables. The columns can already exist in the two tables or can be computed dynamically, allowing for complex fuzzy matching based on algorithms.

“We tried to match data from DIY sales tables to commercial sales tables by store/item/date (350MM rows for 1 yr.). The only way we were able to meet the request (after weeks of SAS bombing out) was to write a SAS macro to loop through by store/date. This ran each fiscal year in a separate query and took about a week to complete (just for the code to run!). Once I had the query written in 1010data format, I was able to get results for one fiscal year in less than 30 minutes.” - Analyst, Major Retailer

1010data also supports innovative joins like "as-of joins", that allow inexact match ups between two or more time-series data sets.