Data Mash-Ups

The data you need to answer your most challenging business questions can exist anywhere. Sometimes it’s already integrated into an enterprise system and ready for analysis – that makes life easy. But so much important data often lives in other places where it’s harder to access: a new operational database, a standalone departmental system, a spreadsheet, a third party data feed, or a useful list available on the web. To quickly gain new insights, you can’t wait for a company-wide initiative to integrate that data. You need it now.

Data mash-ups, part of 1010data’s big data discovery capabilities, make it possible. Data mash-ups are the business user’s version of data integration. Now, you can quickly and easily integrate any data source, no matter where it resides, into your analysis without requiring assistance from IT. Examples of data you can now immediately access to deliver more valuable analysis include:

Syndicated weather, economic, and demographic data

  • Data made available by government agencies and other free sources on the web
  • Social media data contained in numerous apps and websites
  • Operational data locked in operational silos or newly implemented systems or
  • Analytical data residing in spreadsheets or desktop databases
  • High volume machine, sensor, and IT, and web log data

Of course, the disparate data sources you need to bring together won’t always match up in a straightforward way. That’s why 1010data’s data mash-ups offers easy-to-use powerful logic – previously only available in complex ETL tools – to make it easy to join and analyze disparate data sets.

With 1010data, there’s no need to wait for answers for your most challenging business questions – the platform’s big data discovery and data mashup capabilities enable you to get insight now.