2017 Insight Summit: Discover. Action. Impact

Welcome Remarks

Natalie Seidman, SVP Data Insights at 1010data


Past, Present, Future

A snapshot of where the market has been, a review of its current state, and predictions on where it's going.

Howard Koval, VP, Market Insights at 1010data

Samir Bhavnani, AVP, Market Insights at 1010data  

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Keynote: From Burritos to Thinking Outside of the "Boxed"... A Journey of Disruption

Chipotle changed the way people think about fast food. Boxed is changing the way consumers (especially younger ones) think about “club” shopping.  In both instances, Marketing and data play significant roles in educating consumers and telling the respective brand’s story in a compelling way.  Jackson will discuss how both brands approached this disruption; the pitfalls/challenges they face(d); and how they will/continue to evolve to maintain relevancy among a fickle and savvy consumer.

Jackson Jeyanayagam, Chief Marketing Officer at Boxed.com 

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The Growing Role of Alternative Data in Retail & Consumer Investing 

Investing in consumer & retail companies is becoming increasingly data driven. The prevaence of alternative data has opened up new options to track key performance factors cost effectively in close to real time. What’s the key to getting the most out of the data? We’ll examine specific examples across various types of datasets and investors.

Daniel Sheyner, Founder & Portfolio Manager at Chimera Capital Management

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Increase Sales with Path to Purchase Insights

What happens before your customer makes a purchase? Drive Sales with a better understanding of consumer behavior via Path to Purchase data. Connect shopper behavior on and offline to create a complete picture of your the marketplace, find out where your consumers shop before they purchase, and use these insights to increase your bottom line. 

Aaron Mendes, VP, Consumer Insights Products 

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E-Com and the Crisis in the CPG Market 

CPG marketing is in crisis. Right now, things look bleak. Growth is everyone’s problem. Categories are stagnant.  Ninety-five % of major brands are losing share. Meanwhile retailers are leaking 25% of their shopper’s volume to another retailer. And BTW, everyone’s margins are shrinking!

Now comes e-com, the most disruptive event in the last 75 years. This new retail “channel” will soon surpass today’s combined volumes of all other channels except bricks and mortar food stores. E-com is growing and will grow because it saves shoppers time.

This presentation offers a way to turn the current crisis into triumph. 

Gordon Wade, Founder/CEO at Combined Consultants & Director Emeritus, Cat Man Association

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Product Roadmap

Sneak a peek at how 1010data is planning to evolve its offerings to help clients address the challenges they face today in this age of disruptive change. 

Steve Albert, CRO at 1010data 

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Keynote: Changing Consumer Expectations

Steve will explore some of the fundamental ways that consumers have changed how they make purchase decisions as a result of digital disruption. He’ll share examples and best practices to take advantage of each trend.

Steve White, VP of Commerce Strategy

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Closing Remarks 

Natalie Seidman, SVP Data Insights at 1010data