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The Five Things You Need to Ask a Good Analytic Question

I tend to be critical of what often passes for analysis (and, in many cases, even for reporting). My complaints tend to revolve around imagination and scope—I pretty much ignore technology (given that storage and compute power are, by and large, commodities) and methodology (because for the past five or so years I have been fortunate enough to work with some talented developers-cum-data scientists who have done outstanding jobs of translating ideas into analytic workflows and interactive dashboards in methodologically-sound ways).... Read more

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Thoughts from 1010data’s Insight Summit

Last week, 1010data hosted more than 325  clients, partners, and staff at its third Insight Summit, an opportunity for all of us to step away from our day-to-day analytic practices and think about how data and advances in analytic technologies can elevate our work. Here is our insight on the Insight Summit! ... Read more

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Some Thoughts On #CES2016

Last week, I wrote about how excited I was at the prospect of going to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It was a pretty interesting and incredible week . . . though I left Vegas thinking that we, as consumers, are not any closer to the seamless, frictionless experience that we often hope for or are told will exist . . . but that might be OK.... Read more