Ecom Experts Series: Melani Gordon, CEO, TapHunter

In the Ecom Experts, we focus on e-commerce thought leadership and insight by conducting short interviews with industry leaders and influencers who, through their unique experience and category leadership, have gained special perspectives on the growth and direction of the digital landscape. Meet Melani Gordon, CEO at TapHunter, the leader in beverage management and marketing software for bars, restaurants, brands and consumers.

How did you get the idea for TapHunter? 

My co-founder, Jeff Gordon, and I were long time supporters of the San Diego craft beer community. In fact we were in the “I am a craft beer drinker” campaign back in 2010. This experience coupled with our ever-growing awareness that nothing existed to aggregate locations, menus and new craft beer offerings gave way to our "This is what we are supposed to be doing!"

How do you attract new mobile app users?

Word-of-mouth has been great for us. Our app users not only enjoy the app, but they also believe in the brand and love to tell their friends about it! The bars on the app also do a lot of promotion for us. When they sign up for TapHunter they are excited to let their patrons know they are on the app and to favorite their location so they can stay up-to-date with what's on tap.

What is the biggest factor in retaining users and engagement with applications? 

Retaining our users is all about the quality of the product and listening to consumer feedback.  We pride ourselves in a great product, but we also strive to continue improving it. Whether that be through app user focus groups or our weekly innovation sessions with the team, we are always coming up with new ways to keep our app users excited! Our push alerts to current app users also play a big role in keeping our users engaged.

How have mobile phones changed the digital environment? 

People like to be able to access the information they want in seconds with the touch of a finger, and that's what we hope TapHunter does for them. Whether they go to a bar's website, social media, or TapHunter profile-- an accurate (mobile-friendly) beer list will be there waiting for them! After all, 81% of mobile consumers have searched for a bar/restaurant via their phone, and 80% of consumers say it’s important to see menus before making a bar/restaurant decision.

I’m cooking steak on the grill tonight, what beer do you recommend I have with dinner? 

I'd recommend an amber ale or amber lager, perhaps a brown ale. The caramelized malts will meld with the caramelization of the meat from grilling. I personally would pick the local Alesmith Nut Brown. It is a world class brown ale!

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