Ensure a Positive Employee & Customer Experience During COVID-19

COVID-19’s global impact has forced organizations to rethink the employee and customer experience. Business leaders and EX or CX practitioners must quickly adjust and adapt. Use these tips to help customers and employees successfully navigate the new landscape.

Communication – As we WFH, rethink team and customer communication. Leverage both formal and informal channels to keep communication open. Use public channels and new formats to promote a two-way dialogue. Check-ins don’t need to be scheduled meetings. Create new touchpoints as you reach out to employees and customers. It may be unexpected, but it will be greatly appreciated.

At 1010data, we’ve added daily CX Scrums, monthly townhalls, and weekly CEO internal updates.

Be Human First – Employee and customer experiences are human experiences. We’re all navigating this together. I have a 5 year old at home while both my wife and I work full time. This means new challenges that customers and employees are probably also experiencing. Be cognizant and compassionate as we go through the week. Ask how everyone is at the start of a call. Allow for flex time or time off. When WFH disruptions inevitably happen, make light of them. Create a space for employees to discuss challenges and share ideas.

1010data provided a mental health day for employees to recharge. We’ve also spun up new Slack channels dedicated to working parents and first-time remote employees.

Be Thankful – A simple “thank you” goes a long way. Make employees and customers feel valued and appreciated. This helps keep people connected and ultimately drives engagement and loyalty.

1010data rolled out a Kudos program for anyone in the organization to recognize and reward a colleague. The program has had wide adoption and proved incredibly successful.

Don’t Panic. Pivot!
– Leading through crisis makes us rethink and restructure people management and customer operations. Everyone is seeking genuine connection, compassion, and empathy. Organizations that adjust their customer and employee experience around these needs will create a stronger brand and desirable company culture.