Integrating R with 1010data

Senior Analyst

We just announced the release of R1010, an R package that allows R console integration of tables stored on 1010data’s cloud-based analytics platform with one of the most popular open-source programming languages used by statisticians and data scientists.

After talking to several 1010data customers, we identified the need to consider three important aspects when integrating R with 1010data:

Dynamic integration: 1010data’s unique approach to integration allows users to control 1010data session instances without leaving the R console, enabling R users to perform ad-hoc analysis on Big Data on the fly directly within their desktop environment. Through possession of a session variable, users can view data stored on the 1010data platform, explore table metadata, and execute 1010data queries as well as construct 1010data queries by way of the R-Query Interface.

Leverage useful models: Considering the popular adage “all models are wrong and few models are useful,” we also wanted to accommodate the ability to leverage existing models already built in R that have yet to be applied to Big Data. R1010 allows modelers to leverage their useful models with truly Big Data the same way they are used to working with R today. Modelers who are comfortable within the R environment can easily apply their models to Big Data by executing queries against data frames that access 1010data tables of any size.

Make way for the future: For many hardcore R programmers, the R console is a comfortable destination for most analytic endeavors. While R is a comprehensive programming language, it is designed for statisticians by statisticians. Using R for everyday analytics can limit access to the growing ranks of business users who demand analytic horsepower and contribute valuable thought leadership. As a leading Big Data Discovery platform, we are convinced that the point-and-click GUI environment is the most useful place for business users and statisticians alike to experience the most productive achievement of insights.


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