January 2015 eCommerce data launches!

Area Vice President, Consumer Insights

Today marks a big day for 1010data Facts for eCom Insights!

First, January 2015 data is now available, only four days after the close of the month!

Second, with the release of January data we now are able to offer the first ever view of year over year comparisons for eCommerce market share.

Third we now have over 50 published categories or segments covering everything from athletic shoes to virtual reality glasses (and everything in between)!

Some brief but fun highlights

  • DJI and Parrot are in a two horse race in the drone segment
  • In dollars, Apple, HP and Dell are win, place and show in the laptops segment but in terms of units, Dell is #1, HP #2, and Apple #3.
  • The best selling NFL jersey from online mass merchants in January 2014 was #BeastMode, this year (January 2015) - Russell Wilson
  • The Crossfit Open is coming up next month and athletes are gearing up. The top three selling Crossfit items over the last year has been compression sleeves, wrist wraps, and jump ropes.
  • In a show of seasonality, ugly sweaters, which had a gigantic holiday season, plummeted to almost nothing in January.