Remote Interviewing at 1010data

As interviewing and onboarding at 1010data have both gone virtual, the Talent Acquisition team has put together a guide on best practices for remote interviewing for our candidates. We hope this helps you feel prepared and ready for your upcoming interviews—please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Recruiter with any questions. We’re excited for you to speak with our teams!

Video Interview Technology

Prior to your calls, a member of the Talent Acquisition team will send you a detailed email with instructions specifying the type of interview to prepare for, information on whom you will be speaking and the link for the meeting itself. As all of our interviews are held via Zoom, we recommend checking out this resource if you are new to the platform.

If you are having any technical issues, first check that your camera and microphone are not muted. If you are still having issues, test your audio settings. Make sure that the correct Camera, Microphone and Speaker devices have been selected for your system. If that doesn’t help, please reach out to your interview coordinator, you will have their contact information prior to the interview.

If you happen to lose internet access the day of the interview, please reach out to the interview coordinator to let them know of your connection issues. We also recommend writing down the Phone Dial-In instructions from your calendar invite so you can continue by phone. Don’t panic—technology issues happen!

Remember, our team is here to help!

What should I prepare prior to the interview?

Take a look at the list below and make sure you’ve reviewed each component well in advance of your interview call—this will help eliminate any additional stress or concerns the day of your interview!

 - Confirm that your technology is up to date and can handle all video calls. Test camera and video settings (and consider doing a practice call) to make sure you are comfortable with your angle, lighting and positioning on screen.
 - Check that your camera, audio and video settings are working correctly.
 - Test your internet connection for stability.
 - Close all unneeded web browsers tabs and applications and silence all notifications and reminders.

Where should I be for my interview?

It is of the utmost importance that you pick a space that makes you feel comfortable and allows you to be heard and seen clearly. We want you to be yourself on this call—minimizing all potential distractions is the key here!

 - Find a quiet, private, well-lit place for this call.
 - Minimize all noise distractions (if possible, select a room separated from roommates, pets and family members to minimize noise)
 - Avoid coffee shops or other public locations where it can be difficult to control the noise and distractions.
 - Decide how you plan to take notes during the call—pen and paper, a separate screen w/ keyboard, etc.

I’m still nervous—what else can I do to prepare for my interviews?

If you haven’t interviewed via video conferencing before, that’s okay! Take a breath, relax and start practicing.

First, practice looking at the screen/camera while you’re answering a question. When you do this, your you are more likely to “connect” with your interviewer. Additionally, make sure you’re also looking at the screen when listening to your interview.
The most important advice we can share is — Just be yourself! Bring your positive energy (including a smile!) and show the team just how excited you are to join 1010data.

Here are a few additional 1010data resources for you to review prior to the call:

Start browsing 1010data Resources which includes Brochures, White Papers, Case Studies, Videos & Analyst reports to learn more about 1010data's big data discovery and data sharing solution

Take a look at our Mission and Values section of our website to learn a bit more about what drives us!

Prior to the call, we recommend that you take some time to review and reflect on the job description so that you are familiar with what the role requires—in addition to being provided to you via email, job descriptions can also be found on our careers page. If for some reason, the job is no longer listed please ask your Recruiter for assistance.

Check out our COVID-19 resource center, featuring a newly released complimentary COVID-19 dashboard.

Please also check out our company LinkedIn page to learn more about the new initiatives happening at 1010data during the COVID-19 pandemic and see how our teams are adapting to remote work.