Running for Market Share: Who Owns the Online Market for Running Shoes in 2015?

We’re an active bunch at 1010data. After recently becoming a runner, I’ve finally broken through the “why am I torturing myself?” phase and finally caught the “running bug.” I’ve even signed up for my first half marathon and adventure race.

I was curious to see what brands and retailers were winning online market share for running shoes. In brand market share, two major brands lead the pack while the remaining eight are left in a heated race for third place. There are three major retail outlets for running shoes and surprisingly, Amazon is not one of them.

So in terms of total spent online, who are the top 10 brands, what’s their online market share and which online retailers are winning?

Top 10 Brands for Running Shoes
Using 1010data Facts for Ecom Insights, I filtered for total spent online year-to-date and categorized by Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s running shoes.

Nike is the undisputed category leader, taking 51% of the market share. Asics comes in second place owning 15%. The exciting race to watch will be the fight for third place since Adidas owns 6% of the runner’s wallet with New Balance close behind at 5.7%. The remaining players are keeping the pack tight, and it’s possible we could see a shift with the upcoming holidays and seasonal promotions.

Which Online Retailers Are Running Away With The Online Market for Running Shoes?
We have a great race for first place, with Zappos, Nike, and Finishline only a few percentage points away from each other.

I expected to see Amazon at number one, however runners aren’t choosing Amazon as their preferred shopping site for running shoes. Amazon is currently in 4th place in capturing shopper spending when viewing both Amazon Direct and Amazon Marketplace together, though it should be noted that Zappos is owned by Amazon. This is goes to show that niche retailer sites provide a larger assortment of running shoes and more personalized shopping experience that attracts shoppers.

The remainder of the pack is locked in a near tie as well. Footlocker, Eastbay and Kohl’s have an opportunity to gain position during the holidays. Using 1010data’s Facts for Ecom Insights I’ve charted the results below focused on the percentage of total spent online at each retailer.

A Race to the End. Who Will Win this Year?

2015 is still up for grabs. Major holidays and online events are quickly approaching that have the potential to swing the charts.

As you close out 2015 and plan for 2016, you should be asking two questions:

  1. How did we stack up against our competitors online this year?
  2. Are we keeping up with everyone or losing share heading into 2016?

The online market is growing, spending is up, and the race to own market share is on. Meanwhile, I’ll be logging the miles prepping for my upcoming runs!

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