Starting the New Year with a Bang: An NRF Recap

The NRF 2015 Big Show was the right way to kick the year off for 1010data. This year’s show, which was held at the Javits Center in New York City from January 11th- 13th,  was only a few steps away from 1010data HQ.

On Sunday, while some people watched the football playoffs, we were discussing Big Data Discovery and 1010data Facts. That night, more than 70 customers, retailers, and industry analysts joined us at Sidecar for the 1010data Annual NRF Customer Appreciation Dinner where Joe Skorupa, Editor in Chief of RIS News, delighted the audience with his predictions for 2015.

Among his insights, Joe shared a sneak peak of results from the RIS 2015 Store Systems Study: Making Stores Matter. The study illuminated upcoming trends in retail such as the top store priorities for 2015, the timeframe for omnichannel adoption, and the purchase intent for varies store technologies.

1010data’s “When Pigs Can Fly” theme caught the attention of a number of convention goers as our employees highlighted the different ways that 1010data allows retailers to do seemingly impossible things with data.  Booth visitors found out that, in reality, pigs can fly.


To no surprise, our prized flying sling shot pigs were a hit with visitors.


It was not all dinners and flying pigs. 1010data Chief Analyst, Afshin Goodarzi, spoke Monday on the opportunity for retailers to realize the long-standing promise of the Segment of One in a presentation named “Fulfilling the Promise: A Segment of One.”  On Tuesday, our VP of Retail Strategy, Richard Michalec spoke on how retailers can capitalize on a new explosion of data in “Upending Conventional Wisdom: The Four Fallacies of Retail.”

Most excitingly, 1010data officially announced the introduction of a new product: 1010data Facts. 1010data Facts is a family of hosted datasets representing over a trillion rows of data on consumer spending, e-commerce, weather, econometrics, demographics and more. You can read the 1010data Facts press release here.

We’re already looking forward to NRF 2016!