Thank You for an Incredible 2014 Annual Insight Summit

On June 18th-19th 1010data held our 2014 Annual Insight Summit in our hometown of New York City at the classic Roosevelt Hotel just blocks away from our corporate headquarters.

Attendees converged on New York from nearly every region of the United States. The Summit included customers and partners across a range of industries: financial services, retail, consumer packaged goods, government and manufacturing & distribution. 

The Summit opened with a networking cocktail hour on the rooftop of the Roosevelt Hotel, followed by a spectacular dinner where analysts, managers, and executives from leading corporations shared ideas and experiences from the world of business analytics and big data discovery.

The next morning, the official workday of the 2014 Summit agenda was kicked off with an exciting “sizzle” video, followed by a keynote address by 1010data CEO and co-founder, Sandy Steier who talked about the definition of insight.

Sandy Steier, 1010data CEO and Co-Founder, kicking off the 2014 Annual Insight Summit

“We have data that tells us that margarine sales are correlated with the divorce rate in Maine… and golf course revenues are correlated with cheese sales. This may be interesting – to some people – but is it insightful? Can we use it?” The key, Sandy went on to say, is to deliver technology and solutions that differentiate between data and analysis that yields insight from data and analysis that doesn’t. That’s what 1010data seeks to do for its customers.

Tom Madison, Chief Customer Officer of Equifax, addressed the entire audience in an engaging talk about how to leverage Big Data to truly understand your customer so you can offer meaningful products and services tailored directly to your customers’ needs. 

Tom Madison, Chief Customer Officer of Equifax and 1010data customer spoke about how his company is leveraging big data to help businesses better understand their customers. 

1010data also laid out a vision for the future and a detailed product roadmap, in sessions led by Greg Munves, EVP & CRO of the company, as well as Jed Alpert, VP of Marketing.

Attendees enjoyed lots of opportunities to network with and learn from other 1010data users as well as the 1010data team. 

The event was highlighted by the release and showcasing of the latest 1010data technology solutions during sessions that covered:

  • All-new advanced visualization capabilities
  • The enhanced 1010data Consumer Insights Platform designed for retailers and CPGs
  • How to rapidly and repeatably build user-friendly reporting applications with 1010data QuickApps
  • New datasets to be leveraged by financial services analysts, retailers, CPG companies, and more
  • 1010data’s new certification program to make it easier to find and grow the skills and knowledge that drive success with 1010data


Additional sessions at the Insight Summit covered topics including ranging from advanced segmentation and market basket analysis to data integration and security.

All-in-all, the event was a resounding success that left attendees looking forward to next year’s event and 1010data’s leadership declaring an even bigger and more exciting 1010data Annual Insight Summit planned for 2015.


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