Thanksgiving Online Path to Purchase

Area Vice President, Consumer Insights

As we continue through the month of December, we’ve uncovered more relevant holiday insights to share! Using the 1010data Facts for Online Insights panel of 5 million consumers, we took a look at additional Thanksgiving metrics.

Cyber Monday Leads in Conversion
When we took the % of the number of sales made compared to the number of product views, conversion during the holiday period was 2.8%. Black Friday converted slightly higher at 3.1% and Cyber Monday saw the largest conversion percentage at 3.6%.

Consumer Electronics Reign As Top Viewed Items
On Black Friday, seven of the top ten items as defined by product views were consumer electronics products. Air Jordans were the top viewed non-electronics product. On Cyber Monday, nine of the top ten were consumer electronics.

Popular Shopping Time Differs By Day
Cyber Monday saw 15% more shopping activity as defined by number of clicks when compared with Black Friday. On Black Friday, the most popular time to shop was 12PM – 2PM while on Cyber Monday it appears the bulk of the shopping occurred after 6pm!