The 2015 eCommerce Award Winners

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The 1010data Ecommerce Awards presented by TWICE recognizes excellence in online sales across the top retailers in the US. Each of these brands successfully evolved their sales and marketing strategies to live outside the physical confines of brick and mortar and succeeded in partnering with retailers to deliver exceptional online sales results.

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1010data and TWICE selected 11 of the most popular Consumer Electronics categories to measure which companies had the highest percentage of dollar sales in the category online.

- Drones
- Headphones
- Imaging
- Inkjet Printers
- Laptops
- Laser Printers
- Smartphones
- Speakers
- Tablets
- Televisions
- Wearables


 Drone Ecommerce Share

 DJI 48.3%, Syma 8.4%, Hubsan 5.0%

The burgeoning drone category was dominated by one player, DJI. The China based electronics manufacturer accounted for almost half of all drone sales in 2015. It’s next closest competitors, Syma and Hubsan, accounted for 8.4% and 5.0% of online sales, respectively.

 GoPro must be licking its chops to take a piece of this market, which grew over 100% in 2015 to over $ 285M in online sales.


Headphones Ecommerce Market Share

Bose 13.0%, Beats by Dre 12.0%, Sennheiser 9.0%

The headphone market, which is close to $1.5B online, was a close race. Bose has a slight lead over Beats who in turn has a slight lead over Sennheiser. The Average Selling Price for both Bose and Beats is significantly higher than the industry average of $48. Bose averages $164 and Beats $171.

In case you are curious, sales of Bluetooth headphones, which we expect to grow significantly in 2016, are led by sports specialty brand JayBird.

Imaging (Cameras + Camcorders)

Imaging Camera Ecommerce Market Share

Canon 23.5%, Sony 17.4%, Nikon 16.9%

Canon led the way in imaging with a seven-point lead over Sony and Nikon in online sales. The pictured EOS 5D was Canon’s most popular camera in 2015. Canon sold 68.3% of its cameras through Amazon (46.2% Direct, 22.1% Marketplace).

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet Printers Ecommerce Market Share

HP 41.4%, Epson 22.8%, Canon 22.2%

HP continues to dominate the inkjet printer category online selling almost double that of its closest competitors, Epson and Canon.

HP benefits from a strong direct web presence with 25.4% of total HP inkjet printer sales come from Amazon (22.7% marketplace, 2.7% direct) and 18.5% comes from To contrast, Amazon makes up more than half of the online sales for both Epson (56.8%) and Canon (55.6%).


Laptops Ecommerce Market Share

Apple 38.6%, Dell 15.0%, ASUS 10.3%

The online laptop market which was over $7B in 2015 was led by Apple with 38.6% of total dollar sales. In the number two spot is Dell with 15.0% and ASUS with 10.3% of online sales. ASUS’ performance is impressive seeing as though it doesn’t have a strong direct presence ( compared with many other PC makers (Apple, HP, Dell, Lenovo). ASUS has relied heavily on Amazon (60.7% of its sales) while #4 HP isn’t focused on selling through the largest online retailer.

Almost 80% of Mac sales came from while Dell saw just under half of its sales from its own website.

Laser Printers

Laser Printers Ecommerce Market Share

Brother 40.3%, HP 37.2%, Canon 7.7%

Brother wins 2015 in online Laser Printers sales in what was a very competitive year (there were a few months when HP was #1 and a few more when Brother was #1).

The ASP of a Brother laser printer was $156 compared to $232 for HP. 44.2% of HP laser printers were sold through Amazon Marketplace and 4% through Amazon Direct. For Brother, 56.3% of its printers went through Amazon Direct and 11.1% through Marketplace.


Smart Phones Ecommerce Market Share

Apple 36.7%, Samsung 15.0%, Motorola 10.8%

2015 saw the launch of Apple’s 6s as well as the new Galaxy Edge release. Apple’s introduction was clearly more successful online as we witnessed Apple take 36.7% of the online smartphone market followed by Samsung at 15.0% and Motorola at 10.8%. The $199 version of the iPhone 6s was the top selling phone online in 2015.


Speakers Ecommerce Market Share

Amazon 22.7%, Bose 7.4%, Sonos 4.4%

What a difference a year makes. Amazon, which accounted for less than 3% of speaker sales online in 2014 shot up to the top of the hill with 22.7% share in 2015. Bose (7.4%) and Sonos (4.4%) were #’s 2 and 3, respectively.

Amazon’s $179 Echo was so popular this year that it was sold out in mid-December. Amazon’s dominance as an online retailer and its channel expansion (the Echo is now available outside of should enable it to continue to disrupt this market.


Tablets Ecommerce Market Share

Apple 38.7%, Microsoft 22.7%, Amazon 18.5%

The year ended unsurprisingly with Apple maintaining its leadership position in tablet sales online. Microsoft had a strong end of the year, even passing Apple for one month.

32% of iPad sales came from, 40.6% of Microsoft sales came from, and 97.4% of Amazon tablet sales came from


Televisions Ecommerce Market Share

Samsung 45.0%, Vizio 16.6%, LG 6.6%

The television market was dominated by one player online, Samsung, with 45.0% of the online dollar share. Samsung was able to maintain a higher ASP than Vizio and LG. The ASP of a TV in 2015 was $395 – Samsung was $559, Vizio $445, and LG $487.

Wearables (Smart Watches + Activity Trackers)

Apple 47.9%, Fitbit 27.5%, Motorola 3.7%

When the Apple Watch launched in the spring the company took control of a market formerly dominated by Fitbit. The wearables category which is defined as a combination of smart watches (think Pebble, Apple Watch) and activity trackers (think Fitbit and Jawbone) created over $1.5B in online revenue in 2015.

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About the Awards

The 1010data Ecommerce Awards presented by TWICE recognize the best-selling consumer electronics brands online at the top 100 retailers in the US. Winning brands are ranked both by the total dollars of their product sold online and by number of units sold online during 2015.

Winners are identified using 1010data's Consumer Purchase Panel. This opt-in panel anonymously measures where consumers shop online, the purchase path they take and which items they ultimately purchase. The panel data comprises analysis of the top 100 online retailers in the US, covering approximately 95% of total retail purchases as defined by 1010data. For more information, please visit