Top Online Items for Summer 2015

Did you ride the 20% growth wave for online spending this summer?

The summer of 2015 sent heat waves through the world of e-Commerce. Using 1010data Facts for Ecom Insights, we noted that online sales this summer (June – August 2015) have grown 20% from that of the same time period in 2014, in terms of spending. Is this a sign of economic recovery, or the steady growing trend of e-commerce continually breaking our shopping habits of old?


Regardless of opinion on shopping preference, e-Commerce isn’t showing any signs of plateauing, and if you’re a big box retailer without the right e-Commerce strategy, data, and approach you’ll quickly find yourself with a lot of real estate, empty aisles, and declining sales across the board.

The #1 Seller Online for the Summer of 2015

This is a fun battle that we’ve been watching unfold. Using 1010data Facts for Ecom Insights to look back to the summer of 2014 (June – August) we noted that the number one selling item online was the Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Player.

Fast-forward one summer, and the fiery battle (sorry for the pun, but I couldn’t resist) continues with the Amazon Fire Stick coming in at number one for the summer of 2015. 


The way we shop, the way we consume, and most notably, the way we watch TV is drastically changing. The TV Stick world is heating up, and my colleague Samir Bhavnani has written an interesting report on how this battle is unfolding here


 Top 10 Items Sold Online for the Summer of 2015


Technology, household items, and gift cards top the charts. Using a quick filter in our 1010data Facts for Ecom Insights tool we can see a snapshot for the top 10 items sold online between June and August 2015. 


Top 10 Sites for the Summer of 2015

Using another filter, we can quickly see a chart showing online market share of the top 10 sites. Of course, Amazon is the dominant player. Again, we’re all well aware of the “Amazon Effect”, but just as e-Commerce is growing at an amazing pace, so is Amazon’s market share. Their subscription/direct business has now outpaced for items sold online in the summer of 2015. 


2015 Summer Wrap-up

It’s been a hot and exciting summer in the world of e-Commerce. To quickly recap our summer, we’ve seen e-Commerce spending grow roughly 20% from that of 2014, TV Sticks are still the number one item bought online, and Amazon is continuing to outpace every other player with a rise in subscriptions and their Amazon Basics business booming up to the number two spot in online sales.

Next stop, fall, Black Friday and possibly another Prime Day.

1010data Methodology

1010data’s Ecom Insights panel consists of millions of online shoppers in the U.S. who allow 1010data to anonymously track their online behavior for market research purposes, including e-commerce activity.

1010data applies advanced, proprietary statistical modeling, machine learning, and data science techniques to ensure that its panel is representative of the Internet Browsing Population in the U.S. and suitable to extrapolate observations to the broader population.

Retailers measured include the top 100 online mass retailers in the United States that – according to 1010data’s estimates – make up over 95% of hard line goods ordered online Total Spent. In this analysis the Google Store was not included.- See more here