Vacuum Sales Are Cleaning Up Online

"I've decided to sell my Hoover... well, it was just collecting dust." – Tim Vine 

In July alone, we estimate there was nearly $70M in vacuum sales online… and that figure does not include any sales from the web sites! Indeed, consumers are not only shopping for everything online, they are actually purchasing everything online.  Through the first 7 months of this calendar year, vacuum sales online are up 38%.

Who is capitalizing the most on this sucksation depends a bit on how you look at things.  Overall, the average cost of a vacuum purchased online in July was $78.38, but there is a wide range of price points.  In terms of dollars, iRobot is far and away the winner with over 29% market share in July.  In terms of units sold, Bissell is the winner with 12.6% of the units sold.

With so many ways for brands to place their bets, how is anyone to know where to even begin? Do they have an interest and awareness challenge, or do they have a pricing and conversion challenge?  The brands who convert the best online and need to focus on driving more product views and consumer interest are:

1. Summit Brands

2. EnviroCare

3. Gilmour

Another one fights the dust: These brands garnered the most amount of consumer interest, but were not as successful at converting that interest in to a sale: 

1. iRobot

2. Bissell

3. Dyson

If you’re a vacuum brand, the next step is to understand your performance at a retailer-specific level to help focus in on a game plan.  If you’re a consumer, the next time you need a vacuum, consider jumping online and participating in this cleaning spree.