Version 15 of 1010data’s Insights Platform Unveiled

1010data's 2020 Q1 Insights Platform update release is here with major enhancements to help retailers and their suppliers sift through copious amounts of data. Tableau and PowerBI connectors allow users of our big data platform to conduct ad-hoc analysis using their favorite tools, while the Metrics Engine makes sure their results are correct and consistent. Our new dashboards add high level executive summaries from retailer's own data as well as new insights on the behavior of the rest of market for comparative analysis. 
Let's dig into a bit more detail on some of the highlights. 
Metrics Engine 
Many of the large 1010data retail customers integrate more than 100 different data sources from warehouse management, point of sales and enterprise resource planning systems to e-commerce, pricing & promotions and product catalogs in our platform to get an end-to-end view of their business and collaborate with their suppliers. Analyzing such complex data structures require an intimate knowledge of the nuances of how data is captured. This entails combining the right tablesand applying appropriate filters to get correct results for even the most basic KPIs. Considering they work with many retailers, this task becomes even more complex for the suppliers.  
Wouldn't it be great if retail analysts didn't have to worry about database structures, rules and assumptions baked into the data?  

Wouldn't it be great if suppliers didn't have to modify their analyses and dashboards built for one retailer just to be able to reuse them with another retailer's data? 
Metrics Engine is our answer to all of these problems. It is our semantic layer that comes with the most common retail business metrics out of the box and can be extended upon by platform administrators to meet the specific needs of their own business. Access via APIs or our easy to use interfaces like Explorer. 

Tableau and PowerBI Connectors 
Most enterprises standardize on a Business Intelligence framework for their analytics. They centralize their reporting, train their workforce and today Tableau and PowerBI are the top two platforms in the market. However, many retail analytics platforms constrain their users to either a small set of pre-defined dashboards or limited analysis using their own proprietary tools.  

With the new Tableau and PowerBI connectors, now enterprises can put the existing skills of their employees to good use by directly connecting to 1010data's big data platform for ad-hoc analytics or KPI dashboards and share their results while taking advantage of all the data governance features like row/column level security, granularity control and data obfuscation built into the 1010data platform.  
The new release also comes with new ODBC and JDBC drivers making it possible to connect to 1010data from other common BI tools that support such industry standards like Qlik and Spotfire not to mention programming languages including R and Python. 
Reporting Enhancements 
With the new release, all existing reports get a speed improvement of 40% on average, granular supply chain reports get accompanying high level summaries for executives and scheduling reports is easier than ever. 

Our new release is chockfull of improvements to our platform trusted by world's largest retailers. If you're not already a 1010data customer, this might be a good reason to check it out.