What’s holding you back from big data discovery?

At 1010data we believe the time to seize the big data opportunity is now. But clearly, a lot of today’s hype about big data speaks to the opportunity. Businesses are getting excited about the potential of big data, but just a fraction of those who see the opportunity have actually executed and begun reaping the rewards. And – rest assured – the potential rewards are very real. We’ve been fortunate to work with hundreds of customers to help them realize substantial value from big data analytics, now.

So what’s holding you back from realizing the potential of big data?

This was the question that we were asking in the conference rooms, offices, and hallways of 1010data. Why aren’t more businesses taking advantage of big data? With so much to gain, what’s the holdup?

We hypothesized. And postulated. And speculated:


  • “Maybe people need a clearer understanding of how their specific industry can benefit?”
  • “Maybe people think analysis big data is too technical for business users?”
  • “Maybe in people’s minds, big data is synonymous with a build-it-yourself Hadoop project, and no one thinks they have the IT bandwidth to get it done?”
  • And on and on it went. As a data and analytics company, we can't allow that. 


We needed hard facts. ''Let's go get some data,'' we said.

The 2013 Big Data in Business Study is just that. It’s our effort to go out and get some data around the big question: What’s holding you back from realizing the potential of big data analytics?

We started by surveying more than 150 business leaders ranging from C-level executives through managers of businesses whose annual revenues span $50MM to in excess of $1B. Respondents came from across nearly every industry.

The results were surprising. And enlightening, too. In fact, we found the results of the study so interesting, we thought that visitors to our website – like you – would benefit from reading it as well.


If you are interested to learn:

  • What industries stand to benefit most from big data?
  • How soon will big data reach its potential?
  • Why are companies holding out on big data?
  • How can you clear away roadblocks preventing you from taking advantage of big data?

…then I encourage you to read the study for yourself. You can download a complimentary copy of the 2013 Big Data in Business Study here.

 We hope you find the research as useful and informative to your big data analytics strategy as we did. And with the New Year upon us, we hope you’ll consider how 2014 will be the year that your business reaps the benefits of big data.