Zika Virus Driving Insect Repellent Sales

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What do Adam Scott, Vijay Singh, Marc Leishman, Charl Schwartzel and Louis Oosthuizen have in common?

The answer isn’t what you think.

In August, the highly anticipated Summer Olympics will be held in Rio de Janiero. For most of these athletes, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase their skills on the green in front of the world. Especially since this is the first time golf will be included in the Olympic program since the 1904 Olympics.


  • Adam Scott, winner of 2013 Masters
  • Charl Schwartzel, winner of 2011 Masters
  • Vijay Singh, winner of 2000 Masters
  • Louis Oosthuizen, winner of 2000 Open Championship, and owner of this double eagle
  • Marc Leishman, 2nd place 2015 Open Championship


Won’t be there.

All of these world-class ball strikers have chosen to not play in the Olympics this year.


The Zika Virus that was discovered almost 70 years ago.  It’s named after the Zika Forest, where it started, in Uganda. In April 2015, an outbreak of the mosquito-borne virus started in Brazil.  By early 2016, the outbreak had spread to parts of North and South America.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended insect repellent as a preventative step.

Recently, SC Johnson, who makes the well-known insect repellent “Off!” announced that sales in Latin America were up approximately 10x.

One of the things we do at 1010data is track what consumers are buying online in the United States. The data tells a fascinating story. In the 3 months ending April 2016, total dollar sales of insect repellent online were up 323% compared to the 3 months ending a year ago, April 2015.


As a point of comparison, online sales of all consumer products in the same time frame, only grew 44% in total dollars.         

And online retailers are taking advantage of the increased demand as the average selling price has risen 23% to $12.66 (February – March 2015 vs. February – March 2016).  This trend seems poised to continue, as the summer months lead to increased temperatures and more time spent outside.  Many people will try to beat the heat with pool parties, BBQs or camping trips.



1010data utilizes a number of sources of consumer spending data representing millions of consumers to provide an accurate assessment of online and offline retail sales and market share. Our data enables clients to track consumer behavior using high-quality, granular datasets that are often difficult to source, cleanse, and consolidate. 




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