Most delivery meal kit users walk away after 6 months, new BlueApron, HelloFresh skeptical on study that reveals most ...

The retention rate of meal kit service customers is a low according to a new report. (Blue Apron) The pre-portioned meal kit delivery service is one of the fastest growing categories in the food industry. According to new data analysis from marketing research firm 1010data, industry sales have grown over 500 percent in just two years, and it's estimated to bring in over $1.5 ... Read more

Nearly All Meal-Kit-Delivery Customers Bail After 6 Months

It’s not entirely clear why, but some new data shows meal-kit services are struggling pretty mightily to retain customers. Analysis by market-research firm 1010data suggests the ubiquitous weeknight-dinner fad — which is estimated to pull in $1.5 billion in sales this year — could soon hit a wall because the vast majority of customers actually peace out within a few months of joining.... Read more


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