Pet food success now depends on strong online presence

Online sales of dog food have reached 4 percent in the US, with cat food at 3 percent – representing a doubling of online pet food sales since 2010. Overall, about 40 percent of pet food purchases in the US are made online or are digitally influenced. So, a robust online presence is crucial to pet food brands’ continued success in this increasingly digital economy.... Read more

Meal-Kit Customers Dine And Dash

Companies like Blue Apron, Plated, and HelloFresh like to pitch their services as a solution for busy consumers who want an easier way to plan their meals, but a new spending analysis shows that the vast majority of customers don’t stick with these services over the long term.... Read more

Best Value Laptop 2016

Best value: Asus Chromebook Flip – $219 at Amazon … our favorite is easily the 2016 Razer Blade. The Blade is simply one of the best flagship laptops around, with excellent portability, a funky design, and loads of power to handle games, video …... Read more


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