How SoulCycle Got Stuck Spinning Its Wheels

In fact some might come to prefer the choice and convenience of working out at home to visiting gyms, and therefore there’s still opportunity to sell plenty of bikes (to those who don’t already own a Peloton). “SoulCycle’s window may not be gone,” said Andy Mantis, the head of data insights at 1010 Data, an analytics firm.... Read more

Downturn And Infection Fears Roil Apparel Recommerce Market

Web sites selling or renting secondhand products at prices lower than comparable new merchandise have a built-in advantage in an economic downturn, but competition will be fierce in 2020, observed Andy Mantis, Chief Business Officer for 1010data’s 1010reveal. “In the immediate term, the price-value competitive advantage that these resale and rental companies had over traditional retail will be diminished in an environment of heavy promotions, sales, even going-out-of-business sales at traditional retail.”... Read more

Soul of discretion: What's selling in the COVID-19 pandemic?

"At its peak [on March 18], pet supply spending was up 47% YoY, but store visits were only 8% up," said Inna Kuznetsova, interim CEO of 1010data. "After that, there was a decline in spending and store visits, and spending fell to only 24% up YoY, which means there was a stock up and then only a modest increase."... Read more

Pet retailers see a boost during the pandemic

"As a cat owner, I can testify, my first concern was let's make sure that the cat gets the litter and the food because obviously if you're at home and cannot go to the store, you want to make sure that your pet is taken care of," Inna Kuznetsova, interim CEO of 1010data, told Retail Dive in an interview. "The week when the whole country did the stock up across multiple categories, we have seen the spending for pet supplies and services going up considerably."... Read more

Stronger After COVID-19: Retail Sets New Ambition

“Inna Kuznetsova, interim ceo of analytical intelligence firm 1010data, said retailers wanting to win when consumers start to come back to stores need not just a plan, but a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and so on to be able to react in real time. “Embrace the unknown,” said Kuznetsova, advising an approach that comes with “flexibility and agility of planning.”….“The [consumer] buying behaviors are changing as we speak,” she said….”If you start looking at averages, you might miss a lot of insights,” she said.... Read more


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