Why store brand diapers are hot sellers online

Store brand diapers now account for 15% of online diaper sales after growing 72% over the past year. This compares to just 11% sales growth by the national brands. The ascent of store brands is coming at the expense of national brands. Pampers, for example, lost 6% of its online market share over the past year, and almost every brand that’s gaining share today is a private label.  ... Read more

Meatless burgers gain online market share

Sales of veggie burgers are growing online as well as offline, with such longtime leaders s Kellogg’s Morningstar Farms and ConAgra’s Gardein accounting for a combined 69% of online sales. However, new entrants, such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger, are emerging, grabbing headlines and nibbling away at market share. ... Read more

The real sales power of Amazon Prime Day

This year’s Amazon Prime Day will likely generate historic sales numbers, as the annual sale event has expanded to 48 hours — its longest ever. But analysts are putting question marks on whether it’s still powerful enough to bring in new Prime members. ... Read more

Amazon’s CPG private label is one to watch

Seattle-based Amazon recently revealed plans to open a new line of grocery stores this year. According to Matt Pace, senior director of client insights at 1010data, given how rapidly the retailer is also expanding the breadth of its private label business, it’s likely that these stores will feature a lot of Amazon products, alongside a limited selection of national brands.... Read more


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