17 Analyst Forecast Top Trends and Strategies As Retail Resets

When the year just past has been unlike any other in recent memory, how do you forecast what lies ahead? Retail TouchPoints realized how tough this task would be, so we’re particularly grateful that so many of the industry’s leading analysts agreed to share their predictions about the trends, tech and strategies retail will be using to reset itself in 2021.... Read more

How Amazon Wins: By Steamrolling Rivals

Amazon didn't stop Wayfair's growth. The smaller company increased its share of online furniture sales in the U.S. to 25% last year from under 18% in 2016, according to market-research company 1010data -- although Wayfair's net loss also widened during the period. Amazon's market share stayed steady, at just over half of online furniture sales, including its direct sales and those of outside vendors on its platform.... Read more

2021 Retail Predictions From Today's Industry Experts

“We also predict the continuous need to analyze data at a local level since states and even counties are alternating between lockdown or online-schooling and re-opening at different times, significantly influencing consumer habits. A granular view of in-store data and leveraging new sources of data from e-commerce to locations will continue to be critical to understand the big picture, plan supply and execute on successful promotions.” — Inna Kuznetsova, CEO, 1010data... Read more

Amazon, Walmart tout last-minute holiday delivery options

For many of those shoppers, stores will be the answer, even for online orders. Just over half of U.S. holiday shoppers are concerned about timely holiday fulfillment, according to marketplace platform Feedvisor. The solution lies within a bigger BOPIS infracstructure this year thanks to the pandemic, as those services have launched or expanded at retailers of all sizes, spiking 75% year over year, according to 1010data.... Read more


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