Walmart's Puzzling Grocery Delivery Test: Why It Makes Sense

When news broke Friday that Walmart plans to test the delivery of groceries via Uber and Lyft, Forbes retail contributors had some sharp reactions. We decided to evolve our email debate into a round-robin of posts on the experiment and where it fits in Walmart’s attempts to formulate a winning strategy in a harsh retail environment.... Read more

Beyond the Three V's of Big Data

Big Data is everywhere. But to harness its potential, businesses must understand the challenges that come with collecting and analyzing Big Data. One frequently proposed model focuses on the “Three V’s of Big Data”—namely, volume, velocity, and variety. ... Read more

Zika fears spawning scams, price increases

It may cost you more to protect yourself from the Zika virus, which is carried by mosquitoes, and fear of the disease is spawning scams that could also cost you. Sales of mosquito repellent are up 35 to 37 percent over last year, especially in Latin American and Caribbean countries, the center of the Zika outbreak. Because of that increased demand, prices are also up in some places.... Read more

Navigating the economics of direct-to-consumer food e-commerce

Legacy food and beverage manufacturing executives are increasingly investing in e-commerce, including direct-to-consumer efforts, to match consumer trends. The market is burgeoning in retail, but the food and beverage industry has other issues that beg more pertinent attention (think FSMA implementation and nutrition labeling).... Read more

Beacons are shaking up the consumer packaged goods market

Beacons are one of the most important new in-store technologies. These small, inexpensive pieces of hardware, which communicate with smartphone apps via Bluetooth, are helping brick-and-mortar retailers enhance customer loyalty, gather data about their customers, and provide an entry point for in-store shoppers to become more digitally engaged.... Read more


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