Microsoft closes in on Apple as top tablet maker

Microsoft’s smartphone business may be a flop, but the company is really taking it to Apple in the area of laplets, a new category somewhere between laptops and tablets. It's for devices with a detachable screen to be used as a tablet, but with a bigger screen than your average tablet.... Read more

Laplets vs Tablets – which is the future?

Laplets, also known as 2-in-1 PCs combines elements of both laptops and tablets. Both Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are considered laplets for obvious reasons. When laplets were introduced few years ago, the tablets (iPads and Android tablets) were way ahead in terms of sales numbers. But based on recent numbers, this trend has been changing – tablet sales growth has slowed down to a halt and there’s even signs that it is declining.
... Read more

Amazon Echo vs. Amazon Tap

Amazon recently introduced the Tap, a voice-activated portable speaker that’s $50 more affordable than the company’s existing home speaker/personal assistant, the Echo... Read more


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