Amazon private label gains share

Amazon's move into private label products appears to be paying off as a new analysis finds these competing with category leaders or even becoming the online category leader.... Read more

Report: Online 4K Ultra HDTV Purchases Seeing Growth

Online sales of TV purchases grew 40 percent to $3.2 billion year over year.  Samsung led all other brands in online purchases in the period, while Best Buy topped all e-commerce retailers, according to findings just released by market research firm 1010data.... Read more

Amazon Is a Private-Label Competitor, Not Just a Channel

Amazon, which is planning to push channel boundaries with brick-and-mortar grocery stores, convenience stores and pick-up points, has been extremely successful in taking market share from established consumer products goods (CPGs) brands in key categories, said a new report by 1010data Inc. ... Read more

Can Private Labels Drive Profitability For Amazon?

According to our estimates, the general merchandize segment is the most valuable segment for Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), accounting for more than 50% of its valuation. It now appears that the company’s investment in its private label products is likely to drive growth of this segment in the long term. ... Read more

Amazon Private Label Brands Are Gaining Market Share

The company 1010data, Inc., offering the only integrated platform that combines self-service data management and analytics at scale with ready-to-use data, today released an analysis showing how Amazon has been extremely successful in taking market share from established brands in key product categories.... Read more

Amazon’s private label batteries and speakers are big sellers online

AmazonBasics, the private label battery line of, has a 31 percent share of online battery sales, according to 1010data. The line outsold all other brands of batteries online including Duracell, which has a 21 percent share. Sales of the company’s Echo speaker line helped Amazon achieve a 45 percent share of brands sold online, according to 1010data’s research.... Read more

Amazon’s private label brands are killing it

A new report from data analytics platform 1010data says Amazon's private label brands, which include everything from batteries to USB cables to diapers, are having an unprecedented amount of success at the expense of other brands who seek their products on the site... Read more


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