Amazon Prime Day kicks off with some competition

“Over the past few years, Prime Day had evolved into a Black Friday-in-July event, with many retailers offering competitive promotions,” said Andy Mantis, head of data insights for 1010data, a provider of analytical intelligence to retail and consumer markets.... Read more

Spirit Halloween Rises from the Dead. Again. And Again.

The reason for Spirit Halloween’s durability is closely linked with its business strategy of taking over temporary leases. The store “is out of step with most normal retail concepts,” Andy Mantis, a retail analyst for the firm 1010Data, wrote in an email. “In 2019, typical party stores generated 29 percent of their annual sales from Labor Day through Halloween.”... Read more

Ghosts, ghouls and social distancing: A fractured Halloween haunts Party City

The season could also last longer, along with other holiday periods this year. Andy Mantis, head of data insights for analytics firm 1010data, said his firm's data shows that candy purchases picked up earlier this year than in the past. "Things will shift around, but the fact that there is a Halloween and there will be Halloween spend is good for retailers and good for manufacturers, because the circumstances could have been different," he said. ... Read more

Is Amazon's private label a threat?

That aside, over the past decade, Amazon has been slowly building an online private label program across multiple categories. In 2019, this business grew 28%, generating sales of $1.3 billion, per Matt Pace, senior director, client insights and account management at 1010data, in the company’s “1010reveal” report.... Read more

The Future of Store Automation Post-COVID-19

Our march toward automation in retail has been severely dampened by COVID-19. The economic lockdown meant a massive rethink in how consumers get what they need, which stole attention from  many of the novel solutions that were making their way to stores. Consequently, the rate of in-store implementations of (and investment in) new automative technologies has slowed, and it wasn’t just  limited store access.... Read more

In-Store vs. Online. Discover How Automation & Robotics Change the Way Consumers Shop

Inna Kuznetsova, interim CEO of 1010data, reviews the COVID-19-related stock-outs witnessed as a result of sudden, unprecedented lurches in consumer demand, and discusses the critical role data sharing between CPGs and retailers will play in predicting demand, understanding inventory levels at a store level and the role these play in adjusting supply chains on the fly.... Read more


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