1010data Debuts Latest Version of Its Consumer Insights Platform

New Analytics Empower Retailers and Suppliers to Transform Loyalty Program Data into Actionable Insights


NEW YORK – March 16, 2017 – 1010data, Inc., offering the only integrated platform that combines self-service data management and analytics at scale with ready-to-use data, today announced that it is continuing to evolve and improve its Consumer Insights Platform (CIP). The new CIP version 3.03 features reporting capabilities that enable retailers and suppliers to leverage existing loyalty program data to conduct a range of analytics on their business, from tracking new item performance to understanding source of volume at the item level and driving strategic decisions based on shopper-specific insights.


The 1010data CIP provides customizable pre-built reports for granular visibility across all levels of the business, including item, basket, department and store. With the additional reporting functionality in version 3.03, CIP helps retailers and suppliers transform loyalty program data into insights they can use to drive promotional, merchandising and assortment programs. Notable features of the new release include:


  • The “Trial and Repeat” report – to track new item launches at a granular product level
  • The “Source of Volume” report – for a deeper understanding of the source of item sales, including incrementality, with source of volume breakouts for new or existing items
  • The “Shopper Sales Trend” and “Affinity by Shopper” reports – delivering the ability to develop more strategic analysis of products and shopper segments


With turnkey, user-friendly analytics reporting, the updated version of the 1010data CIP enables retailers and suppliers to extract insights from loyalty program data. Users will be able to see results immediately and obtain crucial metrics – driving better-informed and faster decision-making.


“The Consumer Insights Platform enables our retail clients and their suppliers to easily manage their businesses at the most granular level, on a daily basis,” said Jed Alpert, Senior Vice President of Marketing for 1010data. “The new 1010data CIP version 3.03 illustrates our commitment to enhancing the platform’s flexibility, ease of use and scalability so that we are continuously meeting the evolving needs of our clients.”



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