1010data Enables Rapid Modeling and Prediction of Consumer Behavior, Social Network Relationships

New Software Module Generates Millions of Models in Minutes

O'Reilly Strata Conference: Making Data Work -- SANTA CLARA, CA (February 28, 2012) – 1010data, Inc., provider of the first Internet-based Big Data warehouse, today announced the launch of a revolutionary software tool that enables 1010data’s customers to automatically segment and analyze huge consumer transaction databases and produce statistical models of unprecedented specificity, even to the level of social groups, families and individuals.

The new tool, called the Micro-Segmentation Wizard, provides business analysts with an interactive software application that lets them rapidly specify the desired statistical operations to be performed on their data in 1010data’s cloud-based Big Data warehouse. 1010data processes the request instantly, and automatically produces a series of models that can then be used to predict future consumer behavior.

The Micro-Segmentation Wizard automates analytical processes that were previously very labor- and time-intensive, and 1010data’s underlying database technology performs complex analytics on huge datasets up to hundreds of times faster than conventional systems. Together, the technologies enhance the productivity and creativity of the analyst, and for the business they enable an unparalleled level of customer intimacy, allowing for more highly targeted products, offers, and campaigns, at faster speed and lower cost.

“In all consumer-driven industries, customers are demanding to be treated as individuals, not boomers, tweeners, or dinks – dual income, no kids,” said Tim Negris, VP of Marketing at 1010data. “To do true one-to-one marketing, you need to know and understand each customer. You can’t sample, you can’t survey, and you can’t guess. You need an accurate, unique statistical model for each customer or social group. This software wizard gives you that.”

To develop the Micro-Segmentation Wizard, 1010data worked with one of the world’s largest mobile network operators to model the calling and texting behavior of each individual network subscriber in one test country over a given period of time. Using 1010data, the mobile operator analyzed over a billion call records and produced 1.8 million subscriber models in just eight minutes.

For the first stage of the wizard launch, 1010data is making it available in an invitational beta release for Retail, Consumer Goods, and Mobile Telecom companies. To request an invitation to participate in the beta program or to get more information, please send an email to wizard@1010data.com or visit http://1010data.com/wizard.