1010data Named in “Top 10 IT Companies to Watch in 2011” by Bloor Group

Virtual Circle Blog Cites 1010data for Interactive Capabilities and “Extremely High Performance on Very Large Collections of Data”

NEW YORK – January 12, 2011 – 1010data, providers of a leading hosted analytics and reporting platform, announced today that the company has been named one of the “Top 10 IT Companies to Watch in 2011” by the Bloor Group industry analyst firm. 1010data was first on the Bloor Group’s list (see http://www.thevirtualcircle.com/2011/01/10-it-companies-to- watch-in-2011/).

The “Top 10 IT Companies to Watch” is an annual feature. As described on Virtual Circle: “In what has now become a regular annual activity, we’re providing a list of 10 IT companies... that we think will be worth watching this year – primarily because we’re impressed with the technology they offer.”

This post followed a story that Bloor Group Chief Analyst and President Robin Bloor wrote on the topic of interactive analytics and 1010data. The following is an excerpt from the “Top 10 IT Companies to Watch in 2011:”

“[1010data]... is one of a new breed of analytic databases that distinguishes itself by delivering extremely high performance on very large collections of data. It also has some unique analytical capabilities. We discussed its interactive capabilities in the posting Is Interactive Data Analytics Possible? We expect [that] 1010data [will] become much more prominent this year as it becomes better known and acquires a wider customer base....”

”We are pleased to receive this kind of recognition from such a well known and respected name in IT research and analysis,” said Sandy Steier, executive vice president and co-founder, 1010data.