Data partners work with 1010data to make their unique data assets widely available via 1010reveal and/or 1010equities. Data can be collected from their own internal business processes or from third parties.   

With your data sets hosted on the 1010data platform, prospective customers never need to worry about the logistics of loading, storing and integrating a massive new data set. Rather, your data is “on tap,” ready to be integrated and analyzed the moment the need arises.

Because 1010data eliminates the traditional barriers for customers to test and integrate new data sets into their everyday analyses, data partners experience an improved opportunity to distribute and monetize their unique data offerings.

Specifics of the data partner program are tailored to each partner, and may include: 

  • Sales and marketing support bringing your data offering to market
  • Direct marketing into the existing 1010data customer base
  • Technical collaboration in preparing your data for use inside 1010data
  • Access to R&D environments for testing and ideation  


 Contact 1010data today to learn about becoming a 1010data partner.