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Data Fields
TentenTabDir Struct Reference

Table or Directory info. More...

Data Fields

String name
 The Name of the Table/Directory.
String title
String sdesc
 Short description.
String ldesc
 Long description.
String link
 A short (one or two word) title that is used when the table is linked to another table.
Date update
 Date and time of last update.
String owner
 Owner id of this object.
String tabletype
 Table type.
Boolean secure
 Indicates if the tab/dir can only be accessed over HTTPS.
Boolean own
 Indicates if the id who got this info is its owner.
Boolean istable
 Indicates if this object is a table(True) or directory(False)
Boolean upload
 Indicates if the id who got this info can upload to this directory.
Boolean access
 Indicates if the id who got this info can access this tab/dir.
Boolean tstat
 Indicates if this table can use the timeseries functions.
Double maxdown
 Limit to the # of rows a user can download from the table per getdata.
Double rows
 Number of rows in the table.
Double bytes
 Number of bytes utilized by the table on server-side hardware.
Long segs
 Number of segments in the table.
Long id
 ID number of this object on 1010data.

Detailed Description

Table or Directory info.

examples/vbasdk1010_examples.bas, and include/vbasdk1010.bas.

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