Alternative data for fixed income and equities investors

1010reveal for the financial services industry give you the power to analyze large data sets, leverage predictive models, and get access to timely, high-quality data from leading data providers. 

Fixed Income

Leverage a single platform for powerful analysis of large and complex datasets for MBS/ABS analysis

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Equity Insights

With unique data offerings, gain valuable insights to drive better investment decisions

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Why 1010data

1010data understands that financial services institutions need to be able to analyze many sources of data with speed and accuracy. Utilizing 1010edge and 1010reveal, you have the power to uncover unique insights from both our data and yours – faster and easier than ever before.

Elevated Investment Insights

Elevated Investment Insights

1010data gives you greater visibility into all the data that can inform your investment decisions – so you can seize opportunities faster and more confidently than ever before.

Proprietary Data Sets

Proprietary Data Sets

1010reveal gives you access to granular, timely and high-quality data sets from trusted industry sources. With the ability to access this differentiated data – and integrate with your own data – you can gain a powerful edge over your competitors.

Powerful Analytical Platform

Powerful Analytical Platform

1010edge analyzes trillions of rows of data in seconds, making it faster and easier for you to test hypotheses, optimize your models and gain meaningful insights from your data.

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