Track pre-earnings sales trends and company performance

1010reveal delivers data-driven insights that help buy-side equity investors make better investment decisions. Easily access a variety of data – delivered in near-real-time – to gain a unique perspective on individual company performance.

1010data's pre-built reports and data models allow you to focus on the most important insights, without worrying about how to organize disparate data sets. Integrate your own data and conduct lightning-quick analysis – all backed by the support of 1010data’s team of in-house equity analysts.

Get an Investing Edge

Unique Data For Better Visibility

Gain value inputs to your investment decisions with differentiated data such as online and offline merchant performance, online and mobile spending, and residential and commercial building permits.

Improved Predictive Modeling

Significantly improve the accuracy of your predictive models using backtested correlations between our data and company reported metrics, taken directly from their filings.

Accelerated Insights

Frequent data updates via TickerView and the ability to conduct fast analyses means you can achieve powerful insights faster than the competition.

Rich, Timely Insights

Large Panels, Frequent Updates

Get the latest, most reliable insights using data that’s sourced from large, representative panels and updated on a daily or weekly basis.

Broad Industry Coverage

Gain unique insights into company-specific trends spanning nearly a dozen industries including retail, restaurants, technology, media and many more.

Line-of-Business Insights

Understand performance for lines of business that were previously difficult to track including mobile gaming, in-app purchases, subscriptions, online travel, daily deals and more.

Fully Transparent

Understand the pedigree of all data and modeling calculations with full access to raw data inputs and proactive updates about formulaic changes to 1010data-provided models.

Flexible Data Access

Dig into the data from anywhere, at anytime, using 1010data’s web interface, the 1010data Excel add-in, or directly from your own systems via FTP and other available methods.

Solution Brief

Dun & Bradstreet Business Credit

Detailed descriptions of the D&B Business Credit data sets hosted on 1010data’s platform, for applications in alpha investments, macroeconomics, and risk management.

Solution Brief

1010data Data Insights Offerings

An overview of 1010data’s portfolio of differentiated analytical data sets, to integrate with your internal data.

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