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For more than 15 years, 1010data has been the platform of choice for conducting powerful analysis of the industry’s largest and most complex data sets. With all the data you need housed on a single cloud-based platform, pre-defined logic for matching data sets from multiple vendors, and the ability to integrate and analyze any additional data you choose – 1010data delivers powerful competitive advantage to your business.

Benefit from Comprehensive Analytics, at Your Fingertips

Generate New Insights

Build a more complete picture of the underlying assets for securities of any complexity by bringing together multiple disparate data sets.

Better Assess Risk & Opportunity

Accurately model and assess the risk of securities with sophisticated analytical capabilities.

Invest with Confidence

With all the data you need in one place, and the ability to conduct analysis in seconds, you can confidently seize – or forego – limited window investment opportunities.

All the Data You Need on a Single Platform

Broad Coverage

Conduct analysis across a wide range of asset classes including agency MBS (both traditional, guaranteed pools and risk transfer), non-agency MBS, CMBS, European ABS & MBS, and marketplace lending.

Comprehensive Data

Gain direct access to vended data sets from CoreLogic, TransUnion, Equifax and Black Knight, as well as widely-used public databases like FHLMC’s PMMS, and BLS unemployment and historical interest rates. Easily integrate data sets, including your own uploaded data.

Interfaces for Every Role

Leverage role-based interfaces that enable charting, dashboarding, visualization, interactive analysis and more – each tailored to the specific needs of portfolio managers, strategists, modelers and developers.

Powerful Analytics

Construct and execute any type of analytics from simple stratifications and tabulations to time series analysis and machine learning.

Unparalleled Speed

Ask analytic questions and get answers back faster than ever before, giving you a competitive advantage.

Support from Industry Experts

Lean on 1010data’s ex-Wall Street pros for support in scripting queries, designing processes and optimizing performance.

Solution Brief

MBS/ABS Hosted Datasets

An overview of the MBS/ABS agency, non-agency, European, and commercial datasets hosted on 1010data, as well as other real estate and mortgage datasets.

Solution Brief

1010data Agency MBS

An overview of the Agency Mortgaged Backed Securities (MBS) datasets hosted on 1010data for analysis in HARP eligibility, LTV, prepayments modeling and more.

Solution Brief

1010data Non-Agency MBS

An overview of the Non-Agency Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) datasets hosted on 1010data for analysis in HARP eligiblity, default risk, roll-rates and more.

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