Easily build and deploy powerful analytic applications

With a visual development environment for creating analytic applications, 1010data breaks new ground in putting the power of application development in the hands of analysts. You can create, deploy and iterate on powerful apps faster than ever before, so insights can be woven into every operational process throughout the enterprise.


Native Application Development

With our QuickApps, you can develop and deploy apps in the same environment where you build analytics. Your apps have access to all the data and analytics functions of the platform, without the need to copy data or develop in a separate environment.

Visual Design Environment

You don’t need to be a programmer to develop analytic applications within 1010data. The QuickApps development environment features a drag-and-drop visual editor enabling non-technical analysts to design and deploy sophisticated apps, with end-user-friendly workflows.

Powerful Analytic Application Widgets

Within QuickApps, you have the power to leverage a full library of analytic widgets for rapidly developing reports, dashboards and even complex apps – all using a drag-and-drop design editor.

Deploy Applications Anywhere

Easily embed your analytic applications alongside operational applications or deploy standalone apps across the web and on mobile devices, within and outside the enterprise. All with access rights, privileging and governance that gives you ultimate control.

Comprehensive Technical Interfaces

For programmers versed in languages like C, C++, .NET, VBA, Java and R, 1010data offers SDKs and APIs for program to program integration. An ODBC driver is also available for integration with traditional business intelligence tools.

Analytics throughout the enterprise

Faster Deployment

QuickApps reduce the barriers to development, enabling rapid iteration and an ongoing cycle of improvement to deliver more applications to more users – faster.

More Valuable Applications

With the ability to include analysts and business users into the development process, you can develop apps that meet their exacting requirements - or they can do it themselves.

Ubiquitous Analytics

Because 1010edge lets you embed and deploy analytics everywhere, every business decision can be data-driven, even from within your existing operational applications.


Solution Brief

R1010 Package

How to integrate R with 1010data for a rich collection of statistical functions and dynamic access to truly big data.