Strengthen Manufacturer & Retailer Relationships Via Thought Leadership

Disparate, often incomplete data limits analytical capabilities, hindering opportunities between manufacturers and retailers to drive their joint businesses.

1010data gives you the power to unify and centralize all of your data, irrespective of its source, and provides flexible applications designed to deliver more meaningful insights.

Gain Increased Understanding of Category Dynamics

Data Harmonization

Provide richer insights to retailers by bringing together onto one solution the most granular data from retail partners and internal sources.

Customized Analysis for Your Business

Empower category managers to analyze granular data in the way that makes sense to them and doesn't require retailers to change their own hierarchies.

Basket Segmentation

Segment market baskets – just like you might segment consumers – for more precise merchandising, category management and promotion decisions.

Valuable Macro View

With multi-source data sets that provide full coverage of the market and cover macro trends, you can provide valuable and unique insight to retailers.

Analytical Agility

Discover new opportunities to co-create programs, facilitate space planning and inform category strategies using existing tools or via ad-hoc analysis.

Drive Joint Business Success

Share Richer Analysis

Equip the retailer with the granular-level insights that can enable highly strategic programs that drive incremental growth.

Get Answers Fast

Get answers to your analytical queries in seconds, so you can keep up with the rate of changing market dynamics, saving valuable time for business partners.

Benefit from Greater Transparency

Foster confidence among your business partners and retailers with shared access to the same data sources in a way that was not possible before.

Solution Brief

Supplier Portal

An overview of 1010data’s premier data sharing tool for retailers and suppliers, including reports in sales, inventory, and other key performance metrics.