No More Roadblocks

With 1010data Fixed Income Analytics, nothing gets between you and your data. Users of every skill level can interact with all the data you need to gain new insights, ask and answer any question, and iterate on your results immediately.


Data Unification

Use self-serve data loading tools to onboard your data alongside hosted data. Link disparate datasets on any field, no keys or indices required.

Spreadsheet Paradigm

Get hands on with every granular, raw element of data and precisely control the exact steps, order and methodology of analysis. Save, parameterize and redeploy any analysis.

Advanced Time Series Analytics

Flex your analytical muscles with over 400 built-in functions, particularly for time series analysis. Perform in-database analytics or prep data for subsequent local analysis.



Interfaces Tailored for Every Role

1010data enables analytics for every role within your organization—including portfolio managers, analysts, quants, and developers—through the interface that best suits each user type.


Dashboards and Reports

Manage overall performance and make strategic decisions

Excel Add-In

Conduct powerful analytics in a familiar environment

Trillion Row Spreadsheet™

Leverage a visual interface with the ultimate in flexibility, analytical power, data access and data discovery


Visualize data in your Tableau interface while leveraging the back end power and data access of 1010data

XML Query Language and SDK

Use intuitive macrocode to access the full power of 1010data, and interface programmatically for application development and enterprise integration


Access data and perform advanced analytics using the R programming language, directly from the R console

Python SDK

Create analytic applications using Python, leveraging the data access and processing power of 1010data


Integrate with SQL-based tools and your existing SQL-based enterprise applications and databases

Command Line Interfaces

Automate query execution and save & distribute query results via your local file system or FTP


Transform Your Insights.

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