Guidance for improved business performance

No more arguing about the numbers. No more making decisions based on siloed data. 1010data provides everyone with the power to access the consistent, comprehensive insights required to effect business outcomes – in a way that keeps everyone united and on the same page.

Democratize data and insights throughout your enterprise

Consistent Reporting

Manage and deploy standardized reporting and consistent KPIs, all atop the same data. Your teams gain a clear understanding of business performance and the actionable insights needed to exponentially improve it.

Self-Service Reporting

Consumers of information can conduct guided ad-hoc analysis that lets them zero in on areas of interest, while analysts can conduct “off-road” analysis without requiring the intervention of the IT department.

Shareable Insights

Enable improved collaboration by permitting users to save, schedule and securely share reports, data and KPIs with others both within and outside the organization.

Custom Hierarchies

Different roles, departments and organizations can analyze the same underlying data in the way that makes the most sense to them. This includes organizing data using custom calendars, product categories, customer segments, geographic zones and more.

Integration With Popular Visualization Tools

Pre-built connectors let you access the power of 1010edge analytics from familiar visualization tools such as Tableau, Logi Analytics, Information Builders and Metric Insights.

Work in unison to achieve big goals

Crystal Clear Insights

With everyone working from the same set of master data and consistent KPIs, your entire business is poised to drive towards – and achieve – clearly understood goals.

Single Version of the Truth

When users can ask questions and see the business in a way that makes the most sense to them, your analytics become useful to all the users who stand to benefit from them – both inside and outside your enterprise. 

An Entirely New Business Perspective

When big data is represented visually, you can uncover insights that wouldn’t make themselves apparent in any other way.



Enterprise Analytics Overview

Enable granular-level decision-making with near real-time insight. End-to-end data analytics solution delivering ultimate speed, power and flexibility.