Collaborate with partners. Monetize Data Exhaust

Your data is a unique asset. With 1010data you have the power to leverage it like never before. 1010data enables you to share and control distribution of your data outside your enterprise – giving you the power to create a foundation for unprecedented collaboration with business partners, or to turn your data into a differentiated, high-margin generator of recurring revenue.

Share Data Securely, At Scale


From the ground-up, 1010data was designed to enable large scale, multi-party data sharing and analytics in the cloud. No other cloud service envisions this.

Flexible Governance & Permissioning

Granular control over which users and groups can access applications, data sets and even individual cells, enables you to retain the ultimate control over the access to and usage of your data.

Tiered Access & Controlled Distribution

You can offer varying levels of access to data, analytics and applications. For inter-enterprise data sharing, this enables you to align the level of access with the depth of your partnership. For large-scale data monetization, it enables you to define data offerings with varying detail at a range of price points.

Security & High Availability

To ensure secure and highly available shared and monetized applications, the 1010data platform operates within data centers with top grade environment and physical security, augmented by 1010data’s network security, platform security and governance controls. Each site is a facility with fail-safe redundancy in all critical systems and 24/7/365 on-site network operations centers.

White Label Capability

You can easily deploy the power of 1010data’s analytics and unique data offerings as standalone private-label applications, or embed them within your own existing applications for added value.


Gain Unique Advantages with Data

Drive Revenue from Your Data

With the ability to build applications on top of your data, or on top of 1010data-provided data sets, you can launch differentiated data offerings that generate high-margin recurring revenue.

Strengthen Your Partnerships

Collaboration among enterprises, based on data, lets both parties benefit from each other’s insights to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Maintain Trust and Total Control

Data that’s valuable can also be sensitive. 1010data gives you the powerful, granular governance and security tools you need to enable data sharing with confidence and total control.



Winning With Data Sharing

Retail Touchpoints uncovers how data sharing can drive new analytical and revenue opportunities for both retailers and suppliers, as well as the elements of a successful supplier portal solution

Solution Brief

1010data Data Insights Offerings

An overview of 1010data’s portfolio of differentiated analytical data sets, to integrate with your internal data.


Data Unification

Why data unification is important, what makes it difficult to achieve, and how 1010data helps businesses unify data across the enterprise

Data Sharing Demo

Data Sharing Demo

A quick demo of data sharing capabilities on the 1010data Insights Platform, allowing secure, cross-enterprise access to the same underlying data.

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