Data Sharing & Monetization

Your enterprise data is a unique and valuable asset. That’s why you invest in solutions like 1010data to better understand it and use it to the benefit of your business. But your unique data can also be valuable to other organizations. So valuable, in fact, that third-parties are willing to make significant investments for the rights to access and analyze your data.

Examples of high-value sharing of data exist across a range of industries including:

  • Retail & CPG – Retailers share point-of-sale data with consumer goods manufacturers who gain a better understanding of the customer’s experience with their brands
  • Telecommunications – Providers share anonymous mobile phone location data to power apps that measure road traffic, mall traffic, and crowd behavior at events and venues
  • Financial Services – Exchanges make historical securities trading data available so analysts and investors can use past performance to model
  • Government – Federal, state, and local agencies make data available online – from Census to education to crime data – for analysis by organizations and individuals

1010data helps you take advantage of your data sharing opportunities by enabling your organization to securely share data and analytics with third-parties, retaining full control over access, permissions, and usage rights granted to every member of other organizations. 1010data also offers complete “white label” capabilities, so you can build a unique brand around your data sharing & monetization offering while 1010data’s highly scalable, easy-to-use platform powers it behind the scenes.

Once you've begun sharing data, it's easy to create new, value-added applications to distribute to partners using 1010data's SDKs and which leverage the full power of 1010data big data discovery.