Solutions Overview

1010data provides simple, fast solutions to complex problems. You’re able to leverage the fastest database in the world via an easy-to-use, spreadsheet-like interface.   We make big data discovery easy. 

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  • Financial Services

    From investors and dealers that leverage data and analytics to generate alpha, to rating agencies that need to conduct surveillance on large datasets to monitor risk, leaders in the financial...

  • Retail & CPG

    1010data’s easy to use, remarkably fast analytic platform allows for rapid big data discovery. Address every analytical challenge faced by retailers and CPG companies including merchandising and operational...

  • Telecom

    The 1010data platform is the perfect solution for analyzing the billions of rows of telecom data generated each day. Impact your bottom line, improve customer retention, and increase ROI. 

  • Healthcare

    As a healthcare provider, you have one clear mission above all others: provide the best possible care and outcomes for your patients. As health plan provider, you need to further...

  • Gaming

    1010data makes it easy to analyze all gaming & hospitality data - floor, player, marketing, food & beverage, retail, hotel, entertainment, and labor – on one powerful, analytic platform. ...

  • Government

    City, state and federal governments rely on a varied and complex mix of legacy and modern technology to serve their constituents. Each day, ever larger volumes of data on...

  • Predictive Analytics

    The most basic reporting capabilities help you understand what happened in the past. More advanced analysis helps you understand why it happened. But the most valuable analytics are those that...

  • Reporting & Visualization

    The most successful organizations build their everyday decision-making processes around standardized reporting and KPIs. This allows business teams to consistently measure performance, report on it visually & numerically, and take...

  • Data Sharing & Monetization

    Your enterprise data is a unique and valuable asset. That’s why you invest in solutions like 1010data to better understand it and use it to the benefit of...

  • Data Mash-Ups

    The data you need to answer your most challenging business questions can exist anywhere. Sometimes it’s already integrated into an enterprise system and ready for analysis – that...

  • Business Needs by Role

    1010data is a tool for all business roles. Our user-friendly Trillion Row Spreadsheet℠ means that actionable insights are available to everyone – not just those who know how to...