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Retail Analytics Suite

See your retail performance in a new way

Reveal deeper insights with dynamic analytics that proactively identify shifting shopper needs and enable you to address in real-time

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Business Benefits

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Understand performance

Dashboards and insights give teams expanded visibility to work with critical performance data the way they need to
see it

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Prioritize Issues & Opportunities

Timely exception management powers “course correction” as problems occur, rather than “after the fact”

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Drive Actions

Enable better decision-making with machine learning and AI-driven prescriptive and predictive analytics that optimize and enhance strategic planning

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Sales Performance

Centralized visibility to sales performance aligned with your KPIs

Expanding granular visibility into your sales data will allow you to see a more complete picture. With better measurement and evaluation of your sales performance data, you’re able to immediately identify problems, from a geo-level, all the way down to individual store and shelf perspectives.

Unlock improved performance measurement to evaluate operational baselines
Utilize the complete data picture to identify and address immediate problems
Adjust how you operate with updated metrics that matter most to your business

Store Execution

Identify and resolve issues before they impact your customers and bottom line. 

Actively monitor, measure, and analyze in-store performance with timely, actionable data and insights. Proactive, real-time alerts empower you to identify and respond to potential problems with strategies and initiatives at an individual store level before they become adverse.

Deploy exception management and rapidly pivot to address issues and improve results in assortment, price, and promotion compliance
Drive rapid response at a store-level with alerts allowing you to make modifications and adjustments in real-time
Gain critical insights into the “why” behind trends, problems and opportunities
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Inventory Management

Ensure stock meets customer demand— however they shop 

Get more from your inventory data beyond stock levels. Achieve advanced inventory management with data-driven metrics that alert you to dynamically changing conditions. As a result, you can strategically adjust to dynamic market movements.

Analyze inventory issues and diagnose root causes with historical data
Make efficient present day course corrections backed by data and science-driven assessments
Enhance future planning and optimize inventory pipelines by improving safety stock, forecasts, and out-of-stocks

Promotional Effectiveness

Optimize promotions through decision science and analytics
Unlike historical promotional data, dynamic analytics and data science allow you to forecast effectively. As a result, you can constantly refine the planning, execution and measurement of promotions. Quickly determining promotional effectiveness allows you to enhance successful promotions, while accurately improving or eliminating poor performing ones.

Utilize up-to-date insights to develop stronger forecasts that better align with promotional performance
Incorporate learnings from recent promotions to pivot and best determine where to re-invest for an optimized ROI
Collaborate with suppliers to create stronger promotional strategies that drive higher performance
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