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1010data provides decision science and data management solutions that empower companies to identify the insights needed to make timely and accurate business decisions

The intersection of data and business is leading to significant opportunities, but also significant challenges:

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Unfocused Strategies

Maintaining focus on your business priorities is critical to success. Trying to manage the growing data onslaught on your own can result in a shift in focus with negative repercussions.

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Costly, Delayed Decisions

Enhanced decision-making is dependent upon optimized insights and a foundation of quality data. Delays in finding and unifying relevant data can lead to costly strategic and operational setbacks.

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Expanding Data Complexity

Data growth compounds daily, and as companies handle more and more data, the associated complexity increases as well. As a result, the ability to identify necessary insights becomes even more challenging.

Industry Solutions

A Data Lens Built For You

Our clients across multiple industries are at the forefront of today’s data-driven world. 1010data works with them to collect, organize, and act on data that is growing and changing every day. We help them see what data is crucial, trust that the data is accurate, and confidently make decisions.


Today’s omnichannel shopper has multiple options which require retailers to meet their needs however they want to shop. Retailers need real-time data and analytics that allow you to respond to shifts in retail trends and adapt to how consumers are shopping.

Consumer Brands

Today's consumers have unparalleled access to product information. Brands need to arm themselves with the right data and insights to identify trends, anticipate shopper needs and drive sales. Our solutions enable brands to analyze a broad range of data sets to drive improved performance.

Capital Markets

Integrating, navigating and analyzing massive data sets are critical to staying ahead of the market and your competition — but only if you know how to properly manage them. We help you to integrate large and disparate data sets, extend the reach of your data and give you the lens to confidently see signals faster and act on them.

Alternate Industries

The importance and complexity of data remain a common thread for all companies. We work across a vast array of industries empowering companies including retailers, consumer brands, structured finance, pharmacies, casinos, and fuel and convenience to see the answers that solve their toughest problems. As the foundation of our analytics power, the 1010data Insights Platform manages your data and applies the decision science you need to make data-driven decisions that optimize business outcomes.

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