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Alternate Industries

Our decision science, your business success

Driven by the needs of our analytics clients, the 1010data Insights Platform provides the lens needed to manage the ongoing growth of business-critical data that leads to seeing the necessary answers and insights regardless of your industry.

Challenges You Face Today

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Data Complexity

The volume and velocity of data get bigger by the day. Finding data critical to making business decisions becomes more and more challenging. Even when keeping up with this data influx, the information is being trapped in silos, making it difficult to properly align with business goals.

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Expanded Users

Data used to be the primary domain of data scientists, however, the need for “hands on” analytics spans across a much broader group of users in today’s modern organizations. Finding the relevant data and using it to make business decisions is paramount to success for many more employees.

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Broad Consumption

Too often, the valuable insights derived from analytics reporting are confined within specific segments of a company. Obstacles still exist with publishing and syndicating these insights to a broader business audience that desperately needs these to make more informed strategic and operational decisions.

Expanding what you need to see

Empower and optimize your decision-making

Understanding what your business data is telling you is crucial. We show you how to quickly and easily see the different data sets and attributes that are impacting each other; enabling you to increase decision speed through more timely insights. Which means that no matter what your business challenges, we give you the assurance you are taking the right action on the right data.

See your business data through the necessary lens

Having business data at your fingertips only matters if you can see the data that you need to make your business decisions. Which means you need the assurance that you are looking at the latest and most appropriate data that matters to you. With our platform, you see the data applicable to your role. In addition, different parts of your organization, or even different partners, can see the same data, but through their own lens to understand how it impacts them.

Instill confidence in your data-driven decisions today and into the future

Today’s business-critical decisions need to be supported by the right data, from the right sources, and delivered at the right time. But to make timely decisions, you need the assurance that your insights will remain accurate as data is updated from other connected sources. Are you able to see your data unified across your organization, or is it separated into silos because of different solutions?