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1010data Insights Platform

Driving decisions with data... and science

The 1010data Insights Platform is an end-to-end solution delivering the ultimate speed, power and flexibility to your analytical workflows... driving the transformation to data-driven decisions.

Meet the challenge of explosive data growth head on

Critical business data is being generated in more places, in more ways, faster than ever before. However, nothing is gained from simply acquiring this new data and leaving it to sit idle. Ongoing success demands continued extraction of valued insights from this data to drive increasingly smarter decision-making.

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Drive Decision-Making

Access to the widest variety of data possible is the foundation to strong, strategic decision-making and optimized performance. More importantly, is that the data provides, not just an answer, but the right answer. Leaving the question, is your data combined with the proper science to maximize the right answers?

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See What Matters

Data comes in all shapes, sizes, styles and sophistications. The same goes for the needs of the users within your organization. Understandably, one size does not fit all. From the C-Suite to front-line business owners to data scientists, your data must “speak” to each user. Does your data matter to all users and help them do their job the right way?

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Instill Data Confidence

Data can only be actionable if it is believable. Once credibility is lost, so is the actionable intent of the data. Both the breadth and quality of your data must provide confidence that the business metrics you define for success are represented in a tangible, accurate manner. So, what level of confidence do you possess in your data?

Key Components Overview

Make faster decisions. Get improved results. Do it all with the most powerful platform.

Enable your company to make timely critical business decisions backed by decision science with the 1010data Insights Platform. Clients utilize powerful tools to analyze data, create storyboards and then automate and publish the resulting information and actionable insights.

Data Management

Analytics that drive and optimize decision-making are reliant upon a trusted data foundation. A centralized “version of the truth” ensures not just correct data but alignment with your business, enabling your analytic programs. Offered as an outsourced service (DMaaS) or for use by your team directly through our platform, our Data Management capabilities ensure that your data is:

Timely: Customizable data refreshes meet your business needs including near real-time update capabilities and daily synchronization with proactive notifications of any deviations from your designated schedule

Accurate: Our tiered quality program ensures data is complete and correct by capturing issues early in the processing cycle; this maximizes recoverability in the event of problems with sourcing data from your systems of record or partners.

Transparent: Our data governance provides visibility into granular, raw data and calculation lineage providing full transparency, and complete confidence to drive decisions

Scalable: Our platform is designed to house the largest, most complex data sets, and make them available for analysis by your team and those you choose to collaborate with, turning data into insights and answering questions that power your decisions


From fundamental business queries to the most sophisticated machine-learning models and neural networks, our analytics capabilities provide actionable insights from your data. Analyses that once took weeks to complete can be accomplished in minutes, enabling truly data-driven decision-making throughout your organization.

Fast: Create and deploy standardized reporting with consistent KPIs to rapidly gain a clear understanding of business performance and where changes are occurring across your enterprise - enabling focus and prioritizing analysis

Flexible: Conduct ad hoc analysis with powerful, easy-to-use tools that allow for deep dives into areas of interest without requiring the intervention of IT resources

Far-reaching: Users can automate their full analysis workflows to enable collaboration from simple to modeled answers for integration with operational systems


Easily combine and distribute data across all users inside and outside of your organization and into your systems of choice. This provides a common, governed view of data to create and deploy rich analytical applications that maximize the power of your data.

Connect: Bring together data where you need it for analysis through our connectors into your current systems, data stores, and 3rd party applications

Interface: Access data using our ad hoc analytic tools and value-added solutions; or use your own business intelligence tools by connecting directly using our Excel add-in, our ODBC drivers (PowerBI/Tableau) or APIs to embedded data and insights in your applications

Publish: Data can be published via tables, queries, results, and reports into business intelligence tools for broad sharing or to APIs for easy development access within 3rd party applications

Collaborate: Securely share granular-level data streams inside and outside of your organization maintaining complete control with flexible governance and permissions along with tiered access and controlled distribution

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