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From Data To Decisions

We transform data into knowledge that empowers customers to make insightful decisions that optimize outcomes

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Helping Companies See What They Need

With more than 20 years of experience, 1010data has helped financial, retail and consumer goods clients monitor shifts in consumer demand and market conditions, while rapidly responding with highly targeted strategies. Our proprietary Insights Platform combines best-in-class data management, granular enterprise analytics and interoperability capabilities to deliver the ultimate in speed, power and flexibility to your analytical workflows — driving the transformation of data to data-driven decisions.

Our  Focus

From the C-Suite to front-line business owners to data scientists, our goal is to ensure that your data “speaks” to every user in your organization and empowers them to optimize decision-making

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Insights For All

Uncover insights your data holds with an intuitive, self-service platform and ready-to-analyze data streams

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Power of Simplicity

Designed with an easy-to-operate user interface, you have the power to extract smart insights that can provide an understanding of the past and shape the future

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Single Version of Truth

Our solutions make it easier to get answers to your critical questions faster and with less risk, so you can anticipate and respond to accelerated change


Join the team that makes a difference

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Let us help you see what you need