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Promotional Effectiveness: Turbocharging In-Store Performance

Did you know that promotions play a decisive role in the purchase decisions of nearly two-thirds of consumers?  Our white paper, “Promotional Effectiveness: Turbocharging In-Store Performance,” explores the challenges and opportunities in executing successful promotions. Learn how analytics can drive efficiency, data-driven decision-making, and superb execution, ultimately increasing customer value and engagement. Don’t miss out…

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Store Execution: Focusing on Operations to Drive Results

Advances in supply chain planning and performance tracking should provide retailers and suppliers a clear understanding of what is happening at the store level. However, most organizations still struggle to see what’s happening on the shelf.   This is not surprising when you consider daily supply chain challenges, frequent merchandising changes to maintain the hyper-localization of…

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Sales Performance Reporting Continues To Miss The Mark

Consumers today have consistent and easy access to information to everything, anytime, and everywhere. Recognizing that fact, retailers and brands need to use the access they have to customer and sales data effectively and efficiently to meet and exceed customer expectations. Unfortunately, enterprises are too often faced with information overload that cause them to react…

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