1010data Partners

Members of the 1010data partner program can bring the power of the big data discovery and data sharing to their network of customers and affiliates. Whether you are a data provider using 1010data to share data with your partners, an integrator delivering analytical solutions or an ISV creating new use cases for your software, the 1010data partner program may be for you. The 1010data partner program ensures that customers have a seamless foundation for their big data discovery and data sharing needs that scales with their businesses.

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There are a variety of relationships that organizations may have with 1010data.

  • Many companies use the 1010data platform to analyze data. The data may be their own proprietary data, data from other companies, or a combination of the two.
  • Other companies supply data to the 1010data platform for use by others. Such companies collect the data from their own internal business processes or from third parties, generally with the intent of selling it.
  • Professional services companies help other companies use the 1010data platform.
  • Independent software vendors (ISVs) provide proprietary software for use by customers of the 1010data platform. For example, a customer might use an ISV's software to produce reports with greater visual appeal than could be easily produced with 1010data alone.

Program Components

Training & Support: Comprehensive training and technical support for the 1010data platform is provided to each partner. Partners learn the 1010data query language, how to mash up datasets and build sophisticated data models that enhance the distribution and monetization of data stored by 1010data. Each partner is set up with user access and storage consistent with the data they are accessing and/or distributing.

Partner Certification: Each partner is required to meet a level of technical proficiency or compatibility consistent with the high standards required by our customers. The certification process varies based on the type of partner (data provider, software vendor, and integrator). Partners can be certified at Gold, Silver or Bronze levels based on their commitment to certification and sales.

Go To Market: Partners are encouraged to build solutions based on the 1010data platform and go to market together. There are many flexible models that help use develop new revenue streams together.