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Technical Interfaces > Python Data Science Toolkit

Python Data Science Toolkit

Easily interact with 1010data using python with the Data Science Toolkit. The toolkit contains everything you need to get started, including the 1010data Python SDK, the TenFrame 1010data dataframe, and our Jupyter notebook extension.


Iris is an extension that connects Jupyter notebooks to 1010data. Users can query 1010data using Python, SQL, R, or 1010data Macro Code from the familiar Jupyter notebook interface.  Iris also brings 1010data’s grid into Jupyter, allowing users to see all their data.


TenFrame is a dataframe that allows users to use standard Pandas syntax to query the 1010data database, making it easy for users to manipulate data. Users can query data locally or server-side with TenFrame, giving them the flexibility to choose the best approach for their needs.

Python SDK

1010data’s Python SDK allows developers to access 1010data via an easy-to-use Python package. Results from 1010data’s Insights Platform can be directed into your favorite Python analytics package, such as Pandas or a commercially licensed product. Supports Linux and Windows. The links below provide access to binaries, example code, documentation, and the Python changelog.