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Fixed Income Analytics Suite

A Scalable Solution That Expedites Your Time To Value

Bringing together source data, analytics, scalability and processing horsepower, we are able to provide a significant competitive advantage on day one and beyond.


What can our powerful Fixed Income Analytics Suite do for you?

Centralize all the ABS/MBS loan-level and macro-economic data your analyst team needs for success allowing you to manage your portfolios, derive unique insights, power modeling capabilities, and address targeted strategies, including:

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Credit and Prepayment Models

Predict future cash flows using underlying asset characteristics

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Portfolio Reporting

Track portfolio exposure

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Market & Investment Research

Identify trends to grow investor base

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The capabilities Fixed Income investors need to measure performance and monitor risk


Unified and granular data is a necessity for truly understanding performance and best managing risk. The competitive advantage derived from the highest quality data and analytics is critical for heightened market awareness and faster decision-making.

Data is processed immediately as it becomes available, giving your team a rapid access advantage over others

Our leading processes include the complex transformations and integrations required to make the data usable – without pre-aggregation and loss of context

All of the detailed loan-level information is loaded including mortgage, auto, home pricing, and consumer credit data

Easily harmonize data sets from multiple data vendors, including: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, eMBS, FHFA, Corelogic, Black Knight, Moody’s Analytics, Equifax, Experian, Transunion, Trepp, Auto ABS Insights, European Data Warehouse


Now you can leverage the fastest query speeds in the industry, where the most difficult analytics are returned in seconds, and analyses that were previously impossible, are returned in minutes.

Empower your team to profile, analyze and automate analysis with our no-code solutions

Easily construct and execute any type of analysis based upon our best practice guidance designed and built by our industry experts

Enable analytics for every role within your organization, including portfolio managers, analysts, quants, and developers

Select the interface that best suits your user needs including: our intuitive, no-code Trillion Row Spreadsheet™, third-party BI Tools such as PowerBI and Tableau, PowerBI, an Excel API add-in, and XML Query Language and SDK to programmatically interface with our solution

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